A New Apartment As Well As Job

I started looking at apartments in San Antonio, not really believing that I would move there. It was just something to do to keep my mind occupied while I waited to hear if I had gotten the job of my dreams. I knew that there were at least eight other contenders for it, but I honestly felt that there could be no better person for the position other than me. Obviously, the hiring manager felt the same way, because I heard from him within just days of my video interview.

I was so glad that I had already started to look at apartments because he wanted me to start immediately. He knew that I would need time to find a place to live and move there, so he asked if two weeks was enough time. I had already found the apartment that I wanted to live in, so I went there and quickly filled out an application to live there. I took my time looking over the website once I did that, because I wanted to remind myself of where I was hopefully going to be living in the near future.

I really like the unit that I selected to live in. Even though it is just me, I still requested a two bedroom, two bathroom unit. I will easily be able to afford it, and I wanted the extra space since I hope to have lots of family and friends visiting me. I also like the idea of having an extra bathroom for when I have friends in the area come over too. There are so many things right there for us to do too, which is one of the reasons I really wanted to move there. It did not take long for them to let me know that the apartment was mine. I cannot believe how fortunate I am with this!

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