Best Torrent Sites with Seeders

I am not much of a person who buys movies or other things like that. I just don’t really feel like intellectual property is a real thing. I know there are a lot of people out there that disagree, and that is why there are so many laws in place along those lines. But I just found and I have been torrenting some things things that I have wanted to watch for a long time. It is great that there are still torrent sites out there in the world, but there seems to be fewer and fewer of them these days, and that is kind of a problem for me.

Of course, there is always the problem of downloading a torrent file and there not being enough seeders for you to actually download it. I have had the problem more times than I can count. But at least, for the popular stuff, you can usually find a way to get it onto your computer. I hate watching stuff on my computer though, so it is cool that I have found a way to stream media onto my television using my computer. I just had to create this media server and it works pretty well. I haven’t been keeping up with a few of the shows that I really like for awhile, and so now that I have found this site again, it seems like the perfect time for me to try to download them. Hopefully, they will have all of the episodes that I want to watch, and I will not have to look elsewhere. Because I am a pretty busy person, and I barely have enough time to download things I want to watch as is, much less watch them. But I do try to make some time here and again to watch things.

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