Finding a Great Energy Company in Texas

I have decided that I am going to try to find a new electricity company. I have been with this company for awhile, and it just feels right to shake things up. Well, I am going to have to get a new service anyway, because I am moving. Maybe I should have mentioned that first. I click here on this link to get to a list of all of the electricity companies that are in the state of Texas. It is an expansive list, and I think that it is exhaustive, but I must admit that I am not sure that is a fact.

Anyway, I have decided to not continue to use the same electricity company after I move to my new place. There are a lot of reasons for this decision. But basically, I just want to try to get a better price on my electricity. The prices went up recently, and that made me very unhappy. They were stable for quite awhile, and then they went up, and I was kind of annoyed. I even called the company about it, and they gave me some standard apologies, but they did not say anything with any substance to it. That is generally the case when you talk to customer service.

They are typically inept and I do not know why they even get hired in the first place, unless that is what the companies want to happen in the first place. I suspect that in a lot of cases, it is what they want to happen. I guess that giving real customer service would be too much of a hassle or somehow conflict with their business interests. I don’t know but I have realized that I am going off on a tangent right now so I will stop.

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