Got to Bowling Green Today

I am now officially in Bowling Green Ohio and I have my first teaching job at the university of Bowling Green. I wish I could say that it is a long term job, but no one here thinks it is going to be. They have pretty much no budget for this class and I am the low man on the totem pole here. In fact I probably do not even rate a spot on the totem pole. I definitely will not make it on the faculty web page beyond a short note. I got Ohio high speed internet access and apparently my apartment comes with free cable. I did not know that, but they all told me pretty quick and before I called the cable company to tell them to hook it up for me as well.

The guy next door made a point of knocking on my door and telling me. He did not elaborate, but it is obvious that some person hooked up free cable for their buddy and then gave it to all of the other residents as well. That makes it so that no one can track down the person who did it obviously. If the cable company figures it out they just cut everyone off and shrug. You can not have much of an investigation when every person is just as likely to have done it or had it done. I could not complain really. I mean I would not go out of my way to steal the cable, but if it is free I am not going to turn it down. The cable company is not losing any money though. I would not have paid for it at any rate. I just do not have that sort of money left over from my budget after real expenses.

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