I Became Addicted to Trivia Crack

A lot of my friends were playing Trivia Crack, but I did not start until a week or so ago. My friend left her phone on the table when we were having a meal out, and she had an alert come in. It was indicating that it was her turn to play, and I started looking at the game. It looked pretty intriguing, so I decided to download it on my own phone. I became addicted to it on that first night. It did not take me long to find http://gettriviacrackcheats.com because I needed to find a way to get even more lives.

I went through my lives pretty fast, so my friend told me to go to that site and download it so I could have as many lives as I wanted. I thought that was all I would be getting with this cheat site, but I ended up getting more. I was a bit embarrassed for not knowing some of the more basic answers. To my credit, it’s been quite a few years since I have been in school, and I don’t have the best memory. That didn’t make it much better though when I was missing questions I just shouldn’t have been getting wrong.

With this cheat, I was able to get the answers that I needed too. I don’t think it surprises too many people that I would do this, because I am the type that always wants to know the answer. When I read a book, I sometimes look to the last few pages just to see who really committed the crime! So, it was really great that I was able to see the answers to some of these questions that stumped me. I just wish I had started playing this game sooner that what I did.

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