I Have Been a Happy Customer for Years

When I moved from a small town in Pennsylvania to New York, I knew that I was in for a lot of changes. I would need to get used to living in a much busier city and dealing with things that I never could have imagined before. I am a homebody, so that part would stay the same. I had Direct TV when I lived in Pennsylvania, so I was hoping that I would be able to get new york direct tv as well. I know they are a nationwide company, but I was not sure about getting a good signal in such a large city.

There was no problem getting a signal at my old house, because there were no large buildings nor the congestion that I had with my new city. The only problem there were trees, but even they did not hinder the signal from getting through. I found a website that caters to New York customers who want Direct TV, and I found that it would not be a problem getting it there either. The person I talked with said they exhaust every possibility when faced with obstacles, and she was not worried about the technicians not finding a suitable place to put the dish.

I scheduled for the tech to come out, and I did not have to wait very long at all. He had no problem mounting the dish on the roof, and the signal came through extremely strong. The installation was free, and I was very thankful for that since it did take a bit of extra time since it had to be put on the roof. I am just glad that I was able to continue with Direct TV because I have been a happy customer for years, and I did not want to switch to a new company.

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