Living Right on the Bay Now

I am living up close to Annapolis in Anne Arundel County right now, bought a little piece of land right on the Chesapeake Bay and put a house on the only suitable spot. It is about Southeast of Chester, across the bay from the Naval Academy and I near Matapeake State Park. I found a guy who does satellite tv for maryland and that works great, but the internet is a bit of a problem. I could get DSL or maybe wireless, but the people who live in the area are not speaking all that highly of either option and I am not sure that I really care so much for right now. I will figure it out in due course of time, but I am kind of okay with people not being able to get me on the email 24 hours a day. I like not having people bug me when I am playing at being a water man. In fact I did not like it so much when my boss gave me that cell phone way back when. I guess that was so long ago that it was a bag phone, back then that was pretty much what you got and the battery cost as much as the phone. Of course I never got the battery as that meant that I never had to walk around looking like some tool with a purse phone. My kids actually thought that was cool back then though. I suppose right now you have to have the latest and greatest in iPhones of Samsung galaxy whatever phones to be cool. I can get a signal on my phone here, but I sort of let a lot of people think that this is not the case. Like I said I like to get off work and be off work.

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