Looking for Roof Repair in NYC

We got a committee together at the church and of course I am sort of the one who is in charge it seems. We are cooking for roof repair in NYC and trying to figure out how to come out it with any money in the buildings and grounds fund. Of course we are going to trying to be creative. Jack has this idea, but I am not sure how hard it is going to be to sell it to a guy who has to make a payroll at the end of the day. You have to talk the guy in to taking his end on the back end and of course this makes sense because you can write the whole thing off of your taxes. It is a big deal if you are able to figure out how to get some guy to buy that sort of deal and it is a huge deal.

In fact you are able to look at it like this if you are in business. If I send you a ball for a thousand dollars it ends up with you getting two thirds of the money and then the IRS takes a third of the money. If you took the tax write off it would be worth every penny of the thousand dollars off of your taxes. Of course the problem is that you have costs to pay between now and then. There is the guy who is putting the stuff on the roof and all of the material that you need, We were thinking that maybe we could pay for the costs of the work and get them to write off the part that they could afford to write off. That is a pretty tough thing for us to try to sell to some guy.

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