The Perfect Home for My Parents

When I decided to use a Denver realtor to help me find a house for my parents, I wasn’t sure which one to use. I knew that my parents can be quite difficult, so I had to find someone who has experience with that kind of customer. I did not want the realtor to end up quitting because of their demands, but that ended up not being a problem at all. My parents wanted to retire close to us since they had lived nearly 1,200 miles away. They missed us, but they were especially looking forward to spending more time with our four children.

Because of that, they wanted to get a bigger house. I thought they would want a condo, but they told me that they wanted a house that has a nice yard so they can play with the kids. Even though my parents are older and can be quite cranky in business matters, they are active and amazing with family and friends. The realtor that we hired to help find a home close to us was the absolute best. They told him their desires and requests, and it was not long before he had given them four properties to consider.

The first two were not good for them, but the third one seemed like it was custom made for them. It is three levels, but they were not worried about that because they are healthier than some people 20 years younger. The lower level had three bedrooms and a game room, which would be perfect for the kids if they stayed over. The main level had the master bed and bath along with a kitchen, den, library, living room, and home office. The third floor has two additional guest rooms. There are four other baths sprinkled throughout the home too. The yard is nearly an acre in size, and the back patio is perfect for entertaining small gatherings or large parties. It really is perfect for them!

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