Thinking About the Best Honeymoon Detinations

Of course there are a lot of great places where you could take a honeymoon, but I am thinking in terms of all of the factors, including cost. So a couple of weeks in Maui would be awesome, but that is on the wrong side of the world for me. It would take a lot of time to get there and it would be way too expensive. I have been checking this Majorca blog and it looks like a very strong candidate. It is a beautiful little island, you do not have to worry too much about the political turmoil that you might find in other parts of the sunny areas of the world and we could fly down there in about three hours from the UK. I am sure that you could spend as much as you liked, but there is not any reason why you have to spend a gigantic sum of money on it.

I have not come up with a real budget yet, but the wedding is going to be very expensive. There are going to be something like a hundred and forty guests if things work out the way that we figure them right now. That is going to be a a lot of money. We are thinking that it is going to be about fifty pounds a person to feed them, although that would be a very nice meal. The father in law thought that they could have macaroni and cheese for about fifty cents each and I do not think that I can blame him for the sentiment. He and I are going to be splitting the cost of all this and neither of us is all that enthusiastic about writing the checks that we are going to have to write to pay it off.

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