What Would You Give to Have Her Back

After believing that I had found the love of my life, finding myself on austindivorcelawyersite.com has been one of the most heart breaking actions that I’ve ever had to take. It’s become a stern reminder of how little we can truly predict the future especially where matters of the heart are concerned. I thought that she and I would be together despite living in a culture where divorce seems to be as common place as marriage itself. I can’t say where she and I may have gone wrong, there are so many moments to pick from, but gone wrong we have.

Where once love blossomed now only bitterness appears to remain. There are times where we both even now can look at one another to see the people that we once were, the love that once existed, and for a single brief moment it seems as if we have transcended all the hurt and all the bitterness to embrace that sweetness that once was. It’s all a dream. We both find ourselves thrown back into reality despite the joy of our memories. We both find ourselves sitting before the table with our respective attorneys splitting up all that we have earned together.

I now know why a prenup was always encouraged: not because she is trying to steal anything of mine or I from her but because it would have made this entire procedure go so much more smoothly and without the need of an attorney to dictate the terms. I often tell myself that I live a life that is without regret because I value the lessons that even the worst of experiences can teach us. I’m a liar; I would do anything it takes to make all of this go away just to find myself in her arms once more.

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